Whitney Putnam’s most alive place is when she is speaking with women. Whitney is a student of the Word and, therefore, loves crafting a message straight from the Bible. Her contagious leadership will get women excited about opening their Bibles, too. If your church needs specific encouragement, let Whitney know. If you are studying a specific text or topic, Whitney will lead from that directive.

Whitney can also come and speak on Imperfectly Brave Living. She can redefine purpose, fear, perfectionism, success, worth and dependence. You can pick one or all. Your choice!

She is also passionate about equipping women in prayer and community. She will lead your women with her contagious joy in the reasons behind the importance of gathering and having real, authentic conversations.

If you want your community to hear gospel-driven and enthusiastic teaching about living as a believer, contact Whitney for more information about pricing and availability.

Whitney Putnam’s Speaking Events

What Women Are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of sitting across the table from Whitney and talking one on one and also hearing her speak to a room full of women. What I admire most about her is she is the same woman in either venue.With Whitney, what you see on social media and videos, read in her book or listen to in a live setting, is always honest, humble and biblical. She is gifted in addressing culture through biblical glasses – the clear ones, not those rose colored lenses. She is truth-telling, confrontive with compassion, humorous, humble, relatable and a joy. Any woman, any group, that has the privilege of spending time with Whitney will be provoked (in a good way) to reconsider, recalibrate and then, run on with clearer vision and greater passion.”

-Kim Bangs, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Baker Publishing

“Whitney consistently shares from a place of humility and realness but always points to the redeeming work of Christ. You know she has come from the presence of the Lord and her words drip with sweet honey from the source.”

-Kelsey Adams, co-founder of My Etched Life and pastor’s wife

“Whitney is a passionate and dynamic speaker. She will dive deep into the truths of scripture with accuracy and helpful present application.”

-Tish Hedger, counselor and pastor’s wife

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