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Hi, I’m Whitney!

Hi! I’m Whitney and I’m so grateful you’re here. Let me tell you up front: I believe in you — yes, you. In fact, I believe in all of us because I believe in a holy God. And He believes in me and you more than we could even imagine.

So much so that He sent His one and only Son to die for us.

Way to cut right to the chase, right? Well, you should know that I’m never one to beat around the bush. I have big dreams and big hopes and big loves for the Church — God’s bride (yeah, that’s you, too). I also know that those dreams come with their own sets of challenges and heartbreaks and pitfalls.

That is why we need each other. It’s why God made a thing called community. So welcome to our little holy ground. It’s safe here. Let’s talk about the hard things, the good things and knock down several walls while we are at it. Our one very precious life is waiting.