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Whitney is the founder of Imperfectly Brave and is passionate about creating a lifestyle out of prayer and community. She is the author of the book and curriculum, too. It’s no surprise that she is a dreamer (with two precious little girls) and a visionary (with a pastor husband who is beyond wonderful). She lives with her family in Liberty, Missouri, and attends a church near a peacock farm.

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What the Whole 30 Is Teaching Me

By | May 18th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth|

I think about food. A lot. I take pictures of my food. I scroll through food blogs and drool unashamedly. I run so I can eat food. I try new recipes and never hesitate when it comes to something sweet after a meal. Some of my very best memories are around the table, good food, good [...]

Praying the B Word

By | May 11th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth, imperfectly brave|

“Uncertainty as to our relationship with God is one of the most enfeebling and dispiriting of things. It makes a man heartless. It takes the pith out of him. He cannot fight. He cannot run. He is easily dismayed and gives way. He can do nothing for God. But when we know that we are of [...]

Women In The Word: Death of the Prayer Journal

By | May 4th, 2017|Categories: Women In the Word|

As a pastor's wife, I know each woman, no matter how seasoned in the Lord, can potentially hold shame and doubt and tears. And hiding it under the guise of church attendance isn't doing us any good. That is why I created this series: Women in the Word. I want to showcase other women's stories and how the [...]

Four Ways To Grow In Intimacy With God

By | April 18th, 2017|Categories: intimacy with God|

Women want intimacy with God. We really do. Many of us find pockets of it while we are doing a Bible study or when we join a community group. But then the Bible study ends or something awkward happens in the community  group....and our "intimacy" fizzles. How can we maintain a sweet, intimate relationship with the [...]

What I’m Praying for Holy Week

By | April 11th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth|

This Holy Week, I’m fully convinced if we understood more of who God is, and how much He loves us our lives would change dramatically. Not just our eternal lives, but our lives in the “dirt-under-our-feet” and “roofs-over-our head” lives. But we often temper God’s qualities. Case in point: could God’s love actually cover all of [...]

When You Can’t Sing Great Is Thy Faithfulness

By | March 30th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth|

On Sunday our worship leader led us in a familiar song, “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and big, hot tears rolled down my cheeks. I could taste each tear as they ran inward toward my lips, either being caught by the corner of my mouth, or by my dress below. I couldn’t sing the words. I couldn’t [...]

Women In The Word: Let’s Hear From You

By | March 21st, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|

Women in the Word, I want to hear from you. Each week I watch my redheaded husband preach an incredible sermon from our little white church’s pulpit. He unpacks the Word of God with His flock and He kindly shepherds us through our valleys and mountains. For years He’s preached a message, theologically sound and convicting, [...]

When Your Husband Isn’t The Spiritual Leader of Your Home

By | March 14th, 2017|Categories: biblical leadership, culture|

About a month ago, I spoke at a local church, and as I always do, I focused on getting into the Word of God and how it is the game-changer. While I was unpacking how to create space for this, I felt pause in my spirit. Without taking a breath I said, “Some of you are [...]

On Self-Promotion, Staying Stuck and Our Callings

By | March 7th, 2017|Categories: culture|

To the Christian woman who believes she is called to something (anything) and feels like she doesn’t want to step in for fear of making much of herself – this is for you. One of my favorite parts of my job is to sit with women and hear their hearts and how they are feeling called. [...]

Jesus Is Better Than Your Dreams

By | February 28th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth, The Word|

To dream is the fulfillment of our imaginations and minds, gifts and talents, callings and longings all intricately woven together. We were born dreamers as Christ image-bearers because all of humanity is longing for something better; people aching for the idealistic romance of dreams fulfilled – heaven. This talk of dreams has been one appropriately placed [...]