Hi, I’m Whitney!

Whitney is the founder of Imperfectly Brave and is passionate about creating a lifestyle out of prayer and community. She is the author of the book and curriculum, too. It’s no surprise that she is a dreamer (with two precious little girls) and a visionary (with a pastor husband who is beyond wonderful). She lives with her family in Liberty, Missouri, and attends a church near a peacock farm.

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  1. RED: a prayer experience

    September 14 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  2. RED: a prayer experience

    September 15 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  3. Kingwood First Baptist Church

    October 5 at 5:00 pm - October 6 at 5:00 pm
  4. Liberty Christian Fellowship MOMs

    November 2 at 9:30 am - 11:30 am

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Why I’m Going to Be Quiet (and ways to keep in touch)

By | August 15th, 2017|Categories: biblical leadership, intimacy with God|

I teach being obedient to God on the internet, on my blog and when I speak at churches. He has asked me to move into a season of quiet (which seems terrifying when you have your biggest event of the year coming up in November). But His ways are not my ways. Many of you don't [...]

Today I’m Going to a Funeral

By | August 8th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth, imperfectly brave|

On Friday, August 4, 2017, a beautiful, godly woman was embraced in the arms of Jesus. Fern Frick, thank you for inspiring me to write Imperfectly Brave. Dear sweet reader on the other end of this screen, please spend a few minutes letting the life of this women inspire you as well. And may it pierce [...]

How I’m Praying for My Pre-schooler

By | July 24th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth, prayer|

She’s recently discovered imaginary friends, actually an imaginary family to be exact. Her caterpillar family lives in her princess tent to the left side of her room. She puts them to sleep at night and sometimes her caterpillar mom needs certain items brought to her (what a luxury), which means the caterpillar home becomes quite [...]

When You’re Tired And Want To Give Up

By | July 18th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth|

She was secure in herself, her God and her calling. I repeat, she was secure in herself, her God and her calling. And no light calling it was. She believed she was the woman to lead the French to win the war versus England in the 1400s. She was a nobody from nowhere. And a teenager [...]

The Unlikely Ways We Handle A Deep Sadness

By | July 11th, 2017|Categories: foundational truth|

We will all suffer deep loss eventually. A time in our lives where a sadness hangs like a thick fog over a valley, weighty at one glance, but somehow one wades through the fog. That’s what we do, right? We keep moving forward through the fog because the fog allows for movement. The world requires movement. [...]

About That Pink Boom Box (and worship in general)

By | July 5th, 2017|Categories: Women In the Word|

I am a swayer. Find me in the back of the room and there I'll be -- swaying, baby on hip, arms in the air, chin lifted to the heavens. I haven't always been like this - a woman recklessly abandoned in worship. I feared man and what he might say to me. But in [...]

A Conversation About the Dying Church

By | June 15th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|

4000 churches close their doors annually. 10 per day. Thousands of heartbroken people mourn the loss of a building and a family and a place their faith took root. Can’t you recall the place your faith took root? Now imagine that door closing. Worse, see it (hear it), creaking closed to a slow, deadly melody. Can [...]