Hi friend,

I am writing this email to let you know I am headed to see a Christian counselor this week and I am thrilled about it. In the past year, I have endured watching my mom fight a wicked disease. I have had a baby (hello post-partum). I have started a second job (which I love). My husband has started a second job (which he loves). I have a fantastic marriage, but I’m a workaholic, and I want to work on being more emotionally available.

I could go on. I am ready for tools to help me be better equipped for this season of my life. God never intended for us to stay in our mess. He calls us up, and I am moving that direction.

I want you to move with me.

Outside of counseling, which I highly recommend, I believe in prayer + community. Sheryl Ziegler, Doctor of Psychology, said she truly believed she would see 50% less clients if each had a best friend. In fact, she says a lot of things in this video that you should listen to. For example, “Patients are 50% more likely to survive disease if they have close relationships.”

We need each other. Christ designed it this way.

That’s why I’m inviting you to RED: a prayer experience. It is a night out with girlfriends (community) and it will be full of getting laughter and getting on our knees (prayer).

Don’t think twice about it. You were made for this. Come alone or grab a friend. We intentionally made this evening affordable (tickets are only $25) and FUN!

Buy them here.

Sending my love and my friendship,