In Part One of our Pastor’s Wife series, we exposed four lies: don’t be anyone’s friend, don’t reveal your weaknesses, be available to everyone at all times, and my husband is important; I am not.

There are more lies to explore and bring into the light. Though they are worth our time and effort, they may come with bruised knuckles as we fight to redeem them.

Lie #5: It’s not my calling.

The ministry may not be your calling, but it is a calling on your family. This obviously plays out differently if you had married a teacher, engineer, counselor or _____ (fill in the blank). You suddenly are in charge of the complete “war zone” that is Sunday mornings. You spend your summers at camps or sending people to camps or leading at camps. Wednesday nights are for church forever and always. And biggest of all, you watch your husband take on burdens that may end up affecting your marriage.

I will never forget the day a pastor’s wife came over to my home and wept on my shoulder, telling me that she missed her husband because he seemed so caught up in his church. Mascara stained my white t-shirt and I could care less. It was a moment that united us.

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