I’ve believed many lies throughout my life. Different stages led to different misconceptions – some more detrimental than others. When I was a young brunette living in the bay area of California, I believed everyone had the Golden Gate Bridge in her backyard. I took advantage of a view many never get to see, which led to an empty thankfulness. When I was in college, I felt terrible about my body and stopped eating a healthy diet to see if shame drips off a woman like beads on a popsicle. It doesn’t. This sent me into a tailspin of lies about womanhood and beauty that I still battle as a thirty-something. I’ve lied to myself about love, education, motherhood, and intellectualism. This diet of lies has chased me into the wild and uncharted territory of anxiety and shame; two feelings God never intended his prized creation to chase.

And yet, we do.

Including pastors’ wives.

In a two-part series, we will explore eight lies that many pastors’ wives believe. We will expose them and redeem them. And then we will attempt to live the truth. (Emphasis on the “living the truth.”)

Lie #1: Don’t be anyone’s friend.

This is the lie that is most pervasive. It’s in blogs and pastor’s wife forums and spoken in hushed tones among some that have gone before us. As an extrovert and a genuine people-lover, these statements confused me. But what really matters is that as students of the Bible, these statements should be perplexing.

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