Many of you know my story and I’m so happy you do. I believe we must have some sort of connection in order to walk well together. After all, deep connection with one another is one of life’s greatest gifts.

If you are new to this space, I’m Whitney. I am a pastor’s wife who is far too passionate about the church and women coming alive. I’m mama to two blondes with one more baby girl on the way. And I’m married to a tall redheaded man who is way too good to me. I believe in being super honest, and that, coupled with my need to laugh, makes life interesting.

You might also find me dancing to Justin Timberlake in my kitchen. I can’t help myself.

Oh yeah, and I’m an enneagram three. I feel like I need to say that these days because everyone is an enneagram something with some kind of wing and I cannot seem to keep up.

Can I get an amen?

But what I mostly care about is sharing that God is wholly alive and he leads us just as dynamically today as he did when he parted the Red Sea. Because he is our living God, he longs for his people to be as well. And this comes with difficulty because life throws hardballs at us.

Like the hardball I’m currently facing: a mom diagnosed with a really rare disease, a life falling a bit short of expectations, a high-risk pregnancy and regular life challenges. I’m sure you have your own. Yes?

But most things haven’t changed simply because of life’s circumstances. I still believe God leads us intimately, which is why I began Imperfectly Brave, as well as writing all over this space. As I listen to him lately, I know he is leading this space to something new. I have an idea of what that is, but I’m still in the quiet place.

And sister, I encourage a quiet space for you.

But before I go and welcome our third little girl, I want to share three things with you that seem increasingly important in our world. All are simple, but each need to be set on a megaphone.

Like that annoying cheerleader that can’t seem to stop her chant. (I was a cheerleader. I can say these things.)

First megaphone truth is this: cling to the Truth (in a really foggy world).

I was going 1.25 mph on the elliptical this week and listened as celebrities George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts spoke with a meditation guru on transcendental meditation in front of a live audience and millions watching. My mouth gaped open, not because of challenging cardio, but because I saw the slight twisting of the enemy. The guru’s word seemed so smooth and so good. He talked of peace and quieting our minds. He spoke of going inward – inside ourselves – and how this practice changes everything and gives us much more success throughout our days. He claimed it was a technique, not a religion, to free everyone feeling uneasy.

But is it true?

God asks for submission in our stillness, which is why satan wants the same thing. Remember that slippery thing he said to Adam and Eve, “You will be like God if you eat this apple.” It seems he keeps saying the same thing on repeat to us today. His tricks seem to be the same.

My heart hung heavy over my feet that kept turning underneath me. I thought of all the many women (and men) watching this clip, thinking they are “bettering themselves” by practicing transcendental meditation, when in reality they are taking the very first bite of an apple.

When will we learn from history?

Sweet friend, this is one example of many where truth gets diluted and we become confused, but it shook me to my core. And I remembered this: we must know what is true. And it order to know what is true, we must open our Bibles.

Are we?

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

In order to know truth, we must read Truth.

I wish I had something earth shattering to say to us. Or some tweetable saying that we could slap up on our Facebooks so others could “see” what we believe. But I really have nothing except challenging us in the doing.

Let’s get in the Truth. Set up a plan. Better yet…ask a friend to join you. The world is a foggy, polluted mess and an enemy is scheming around you. Combat it with the very words of the one true God – the God who breathes out planets.

He is waiting for you in his pages. Let him come alive.

And tell me, how do you best get into the Word? Do you have an app? Do you still love opening your Bible? Do you have a plan? An accountability partner? Let’s encourage one another in the comments below!