I am convinced of very few things in this life, the first being that Jesus lived and died to give us His life-saving blood. The second is that when every single thing is falling apart, is the exact moment when our eyes need to fix on the goal and we need to fight. The third is that we tend to lean inward when hope is lost and fighting feels bleak.

But point number two is what I’m working on currently. We need to fight hard for hope and for abundance and for joy.

The people that fight for these – they are the ones we long to be like.

Aren’t they? Don’t you want to be like her? Like him? Don’t you want to be like the ones getting out of bed, turning to the window, shaking its hinges and stepping hard and big and bold into the world?

I want to be like her.

fight for hope

{Photo credit | Unsplash | Sylwia Pietruszka}

But unfortunately, we feel the ache of this world, so we start setting our feet in concrete. Foot by foot, we steep ourselves in paralyzing cold dough and all it does is wade us down. And when we were meant to be the hope of the world, we have slowly faded into the hopeless that long for beds rather than brave.

I can speak into this evidence because I’ve lived it. I’ve lived a year of disappointments, none of which need to be shared here. But the ash has been worn around my shoulders and ruins seem to have followed me. I seem as if I am getting somewhere, like I have defied the odds, and then something hits again and I begin the lean. The inward lean of introspectiveness and humanistic tendencies.

Can you relate? Is your life the way you expected it?

Sister, this is happening not because Jesus has stopped being your friend. It is because the point of this life is for you to be shaped and molded to be like Him. And this takes a brave woman, one who is willing to be torn to shreds while she stares at the cross He bore for her.

I wish I had a shinier answer. I love shiny things. And parties. And fun celebrations. I love cake and sprinkles. In fact, when I eat cake, I only eat the icing because I really enjoy short fleeting joys like calories in thick goops of strawberry icing with chunks of chocolate in between.

I’m actually quite a fun person, except when I’m faced with the year of disappointment.

And then cake seems quite disappointing.

So, let’s review, there are three things I know for sure: one, Jesus; two, fight; three, the perpetual lean.

So how do these combine into one unique combination? Jesus is worth the fight against the lean.

fight for hope

{Photo credit | Unsplash | Jordan Whitt}

I mean He is totally worth it. He is worth every kick and scream and crumbled mess in the corner of your room. He is worth getting up and kicking devil butt and giving your body away in service. He is worth sacrificing away your time and your tears and your chair at your dining room table. He is worth being rejected and inconvenienced. And He is worth every pain you have experienced because He experienced all of your pain for you.

Let Him be your sympathizer as you go out and fight.

Don’t you see? That’s why He died. He died so you could go and be His fighters in this world. It starts with fighting the lean, but after the lean is squelched, it continues with trailblazing this world as women who know something: women who know that our Jesus is worth the fight.

I don’t know what your year has been like, but I do know women can spend too many treasured moments turned inward, wallowing in the loss of what we expected this life to look like. What if you fought this week? What if you started by fighting the lean and remembered the cross?

It’s time for you to take your stance by your window, stare your one precious life dead in its eyes and go tackle it.

It’s really the only way to live.

And if you were to go tackle this life, what would it look like? Let’s stir one another up in hope.