To the Moms,

There is an incredible blog floating around about how babies quickly reveal our idols. My first idol to go? Rest. The thing is, Americans like to wait until we are “fully prepared” to do something of value in our lives and rest plays a large role in our preparation. But God never says we will be fully prepared for what He asks us to do.  In fact, He calls us to follow Him in faith and check our idols at the door. (Remember Abraham, Moses and Noah?)

But it was certainly my rest idol that caught me off guard with my babies. Can you relate? I’ve thrown a pillow in the dark while listening to a crying baby. I’ve gritted my teeth together and stomped like a child to the fridge for one more bottle. And I’m not proud to admit that I’ve said unkind words to my husband at 3 am.

When our idols are ripped away, our sin gets thrown around like a hurricane in a tin cup.

Then our kids get big and so do the problems. All of a sudden my toddler has learned to hiss and say “bad mommy” across Chick-Fil-A, and the moms all sit and stare although they know it might just be them next. It’s selfishness that makes our little people react this way, and unfortunately selfishness that allows us to react poorly, too. Nothing makes us face our sin more than parenting.


But the problems grow and we think we can’t take it anymore. We wonder if our oldest will make it through the night. We know the choices she is making and although we’ve given her Jesus, she just doesn’t seem to know Him yet. Her world is slipping out of control, which of course means ours does, too.

So we pray like mad and we walk around in circles and all of a sudden we aren’t sleeping anymore and are throwing pillows for entirely different reasons.

Moms, God sees. God knows. And He loves you still.

I don’t want to go deep today because I know mom schedules and we don’t have time for a theological discourse. We have lunches to make, noses to wipe and kids to tote around town.

Moms, hear this:

God is a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abundant in faithful love and truth. (Psalm 86:15)

You need to hear this before your kids hear this.

To the Moms

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Alisa Anton}

To the Moms

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Alisa Anton}

You need to sit in this grace bath before you throw another pillow, beat yourself up about your teenager’s choices or feel overwhelmed by one more tantrum. Until we can accept that God loves us this way can we ever usher this love into our home.

It must resonate deeply with us first.

Do you see the way He loves you?

Grace with abounding grace?

Because truth is, until we breath this truth in we will spiral downward and heap our children’s choices onto our shoulders and slowly we will become a joyless species – a motherhood void of life and love.

Let’s not be that kind of species, okay?

Be God’s daughter for a moment and let His love overwhelm you. As it takes its natural, beautiful course, understand that it’s your only hope to be a mom today. Because truth is, He is the only one who will parent this way.


Slow to anger.

Abundant in love.

Pouring out faithful truth.

If you don’t see yourself as the daughter bathed in His grace, you will run out, the nights will seem longer and the bad choices will seem harder.

These waves of grace – they are for you. And they are everywhere and in everything. Ask Him to show you. And finally, find time to breath deep today and cling to God’s robe because it’s your only hope to be a mama. His robe is longing for your fingertips and His perfect love is waiting to wash over you. This my friends, is the only way to begin to crush our idols.