I recently spoke at a women’s conference and asked women to look at one another, eyeball to eyeball, and say one thing they are good at to the person sitting next to them. At first, they giggled at me, but that nervous laughter quickly subsided when they realized no more Mrs. Nice Teacher. I meant business.

Suddenly I watched shoulders turn to one another and women hesitantly opening their mouths. I let the clock tick by as I prayed silently on the stage.

Post conversation, I asked them how hard that was and many women raised their hands.

Scene change.

Now come with me to my bathroom, where I watch my four-year-old stare herself down in a mirror, letting me know just how beautiful she is. And sit in my car with me and hear her little voice as she tells me just how good she did in ballet.

My conclusion? Something happens between our four-year-old bodies and our adult selves. We forget how good God has made us. And we can’t, for the life of us, figure out how to tell someone we are good at something. Let alone that we are insanely beautiful because an incredible God made us.

Or maybe it’s this: we are not sure how to remain humble and know how we’ve been gifted.

Jennie Allen puts it this way, “We have confused humility with using our gifts.”


Can I tell you something?

I could care less if you knew what your talents were FOR YOU.

But I care a whole lot about the church and…

The church needs you and your gifts.

Talent Roll Call

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Where My Girls At?

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Before you turn me off because you’ve read all about spiritual gifts and you aren’t even sure how to apply your gift… let me give you a piece of advice.

You know that thing that people tell you that you do well? THAT IS YOUR GIFT.

You don’t need a spiritual gift inventory to tell you what makes you awesome. You just need to open your ears and listen to what others have to say about you.

I have a friend named Libbie who has me in her home each month and it is makes my highlight reel every time. I recently emailed her to tell her how much I appreciate her time and she simply responded, “It’s what is easy for me. I love having you into my home.”

It is easy for her.

So, dear gifted one, what is easy for you? What makes you you?

Are you a celebrator? Great! Your church needs celebrators! Are you a designer? You better believe your church needs you. Are you a behind the scenes chick. Girl, has the church got a place for you.

And here is the why behind it all. You are an image-bearer of God. So if you are an organizer that reflects part of God’s character and He wants, needs, desires, LOVES when you show that part of His character! If you love teaching that’s because God is a teacher and He can’t wait to reflect Himself in your lessons. If you love sparkly things and are too passionate for your own good than FOR THE LOVE OF ALL HUMANITY own it and be yourself. Because God made sparkly things and in case you haven’t noticed our God is PAS-SION-NATELY in love with you.

So before I stop this train, why don’t you spend a minute and respond. Don’t you dare think about leaving this page without leaving a comment about what you are good at….

We may not be eyeball to eyeball but I am not playing nice. I am Mrs. Serious. What are you good at, girlfriend? Let’s hear it because the church needs you.


PS It would be to our great demise to just say what we are good at and leave it at that. What if today is the day you catapulted into using that gift for the kingdom? It can be! Give your pastor/director/friend a call and start anywhere!