This Holy Week, I’m fully convinced if we understood more of who God is, and how much He loves us our lives would change dramatically. Not just our eternal lives, but our lives in the “dirt-under-our-feet” and “roofs-over-our head” lives. But we often temper God’s qualities.

Case in point: could God’s love actually cover all of my past? Or even the miserable thoughts my brain currently entertains? Is this what the cross actually means?

Or, could God’s holiness really keep sin and all its devious ways out of heaven?

Simply juggling these two qualities show that we try to temper our God – His unconditional love and His holiness. Our attempts in lessening our God and all of His qualities make us human because our minds are finite while our God’s is infinite.

(Insert awe here.)

Holy Week

{Photo Credit: Unsplash | Cristina Gottardi}

Holy Week

{Photo Credit: Unsplash | Cristina Gottardi}

A prayer I have been praying as of late is one that has become quite visual for me to request of my Father. I ask Him to crack open my brain, just a bit, and pour some more of Himself into the dry places. Just one crack of His untempered love, holiness, exquisite majesty, Spirit – whatever He longs to pour in – I long to receive it.

And so He does.

And so I am changing. Because I am understanding more of who He is.

And friends, our God is holy, and I can’t temper God’s holiness. God has done no wrong, can not be around wrong nor even think about wrong. If I could lessen his holiness what kind of good God would He be?

As I ask Him to crack open my brain, I am fully aware that I am not holy by my own means. My brain alone is a fickle place to be present. Just a quiet five minutes in my brain can bring up enough issues for a really good episode on Dr. Phil.

And yet, God still comes and cracks me open to fill me up with His untempered love. He doesn’t give Himself in pieces. He gives Himself completely. It’s the complete opposite of how I tend to give myself away. Partial here. Partial there. Reluctant in one relationship. Completely emotionally removed from another.

Not our God.

“But God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Even in my fickle state, God sent His Son. He cracked Jesus open so that He could pour Himself into our broken minds, bodies and souls.

Broken holy for the broken to be made holy.

So dear daughter, let it be known that it was your brokenness that His untempered love is coming for. He is not afraid to enter into your dry places. Invite Him in today.

And because I never want to leave us wondering how do “take this one thing that can change my life” and go about my normal routines? Or how do I bring a broken Jesus into my broken places really? GIVE ME THE PRACTICAL. Well, here is a prayer to pray today to get started (because I believe in practical). Take a moment, and pray with me. I’ll imagine our prayers mingling together before our untempered God.

Holy Week

{Photo Credit: Unsplash | Cristina Gottardi}

Dear God,

I give you my mind, my body and my soul today. I know there are dry and cracked places. Places I don’t even long to tend to, but You do. You long to fill each space with Your holiness and untempered love.

Lord, today I hand you those spaces. The unforgiveness of _________________________. The bitterness in my soul toward __________________________________. The incomplete understanding as to why _______________________________________________. The hard parenting days. The times I’ve lost my temper. The ___________________________ in my marriage or the longing in my soul to find the one my heart waits for.

I keep giving the dry places back to You because Your Word says You sent Your Son even while those places were dry, stay dry, or are currently dry. Your Son came for each of my desert places and You long to water them to vineyards.

You keep cracking me open because You long to fill me to the brim – to overflowing. Because that is what You do. You make dry bones come to life and You sing songs over those You love.

You don’t give yourself in pieces.

Lord, I ask that this week, I would be unafraid of my cracks and desert lands and that instead, I would put them in Your hands and ask for Your flood. I no longer keep them bound by my finite resources, but ask that Your infinite love change me. From desert lands to lush vineyards.

Flood me with Your love, Your discipline, Your kindness and Your light.

In Your mighty name we pray,