Women in the Word, I want to hear from you.

Each week I watch my redheaded husband preach an incredible sermon from our little white church’s pulpit. He unpacks the Word of God with His flock and He kindly shepherds us through our valleys and mountains. For years He’s preached a message, theologically sound and convicting, while leading us into a time of reflection.

Recently, he has started adding something to each and every Sunday that is changing me. If you ever make your way past the peacock farm into our church, you will most certainly hear Michael say this, “The best thing I can do as your pastor is ask you to read the Word this week. Create space for God and open His word.”

Sounds so simple, but is it?

For years I kept looking around at the pretty faces and families wondering, was she struggling in creating space for God? How was she studying the Word? Did she ever struggle with understanding God? Did she always pray lovely prayers? How was she making time with all the things?

Or did everyone have this thriving, dynamic relationship with the Lord and I was the only one sitting in my closet wondering how to open the Word and learn from it?

After deciding to be honest about my struggles of maintaining a dynamic relationship with God, I realized that I’m not alone and that women everywhere are longing to walk closer with God. The best thing I ever did was lose the mask and let women into the journey with me – difficulties and all. Once I let go of the burden of looking like the most put together Christian, I had more freedom to actually pursue God.

So I have decided to create space for an unveiling here on this site because I am crazy passionate about women being in the Word. And in order for us to open the one book that will change our lives well, we must move from a place of hiding to a place of freedom.

So, this is the news I’m bursting at the seems to tell you!

I want to hear from you! So do hundreds of other women!

I want your story to encourage other women’s stories. Once a month, I am going to post a guest blog about by one of you and your relationship with The Word — an unveiling if you will. We are going to call this series “Unveiling the Mask” with the hopes that women can be themselves in this space and learn from others as to how to grow well with Jesus.

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Annie Spratt}

women in the word

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Annie Spratt}

Unveiling The Mask Series

You can tell your story of how you started meeting with God in His Word and how it is changing you.

You can tell us the challenges you’ve faced as a mom, working woman, wife, “balancer” of life.

You can tell us how the Bible awakens you.

You can even walk us through your routine in the Word because I want us to model our habits with one another.

You can tell us what God is currently working through you in the Word.

I believe every woman around the globe can come alive through reading God’s Word. Let’s help each other! If you feel compelled to share a piece, below are the guidelines:

  • 700 words or less.
  • Please keep stories about being in the Word and how it’s shaping you.
  • Be true to your style of writing! It can be a story, lyrics to a song, a poem…It can even be a piece of art you feel compelled to make on this topic and describe it for us. I love all women’s gifts!
  • Please send with suggested title, title on top of page with name, save document this way as well (Title – Whitney Putnam)
  • Be willing to have work edited and to talk through content if needed. Theology, structure, etc). I have an editor and she is like gold to me! Editing can actually be a really sweet time. Don’t worry about this part!
  • When quoting scripture add the version of the Bible you are using.
  • Email stories to Whitney@imperfectlybrave.com

Let’s unveil our masks together and collectively be a generation of women in the word. I can’t wait to hear from you!