To the Christian woman who believes she is called to something (anything) and feels like she doesn’t want to step in for fear of making much of herself – this is for you.

One of my favorite parts of my job is to sit with women and hear their hearts and how they are feeling called. I have one friend who is creating prayer cards and they are…oh so lovely. I have another friend who is cutting new music and using her voice to worship God. And then another friend who feels called to support women entrepreneurs in their dreams. And the question I get from them comes from a pure place, but it also causes confusion.

The question is this: How do I keep from making this about me?

And hear this: I love this question. In fact, if you aren’t asking yourself this question you should be terrified. Yes, terrified because our God is worthy of this emotion. And any Bible hero stayed terrified of the God who was calling them into unlikely situations.





The disciples in the early church 

But this idea of having an actual fear of God shouldn’t make you stuck, but rather propel you into adventure. But most women don’t step in; we stay stuck, confusing humility with calling. Because what if we make it about us? What will people say? Will they think we are boasting in our name, our glory, in our gifting? Is it okay to aggressively step out into the dreams God has hidden in our hearts?

And on and on and on the track goes in our heads.

So instead of action, we listen to that old record and we stay stuck for fear of forsaking humility. But sister, the action of “staying” isn’t humility at all; it’s a form passivity when the world is in desperate need of women called to action.

Because have you seen the world lately?

It is quite dark and the Word is extremely clear about what we are to do:

We are to be light on the hill and give Jesus away all the time, with all we can, and every gift inside us.

End of story.

So below are three tips for quitting the lie that humility and calling are pitted against each other, and that our fear of God should actually make us shine brighter in a world aching for light.

sel-promotion and our callings

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Ornella Binni}

self-promotion and our callings

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Ornella Binni}


I would argue that many of us have linked our talents to the product of Jesus. Let me explain. Without knowing it, we have made cutting an album about marketing Jesus. We have made blogging a way to sell Jesus. Or our new website as a way to give Jesus away. We might not actually say it out loud, but an undercurrent of why we are so dang terrified about taking new steps of obedience is because we have made Jesus a product…

…and what if people don’t like our product?

But you and I both know He isn’t a product.

He is the living God who changes everything in our lives.

This lightbulb went off in my head while reading the gospels. Jesus didn’t sit in his room on a hill and pray all the time (although he did do this – see point three), rather He was so compelled by His own message that He HAD TO GET THE MESSAGE OUT IN THE WORLD.

The same will be for us, when we feel so compelled by Jesus we will have to give him away. When we make our “callings” part of our products we will feel stifled, but when our callings align with the passion pumping inside us we will have to tell others about them.

And this is not self-promotion, this is passion. They are different. Be aware and be free.

self-promotion and our callings

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Ornella Binni}


This article would not have been necessary in the time of Moses and Abraham. But time has evolved from oral story-telling to a world of fast moving social media and emails.

Ever since the beginning of time, forms of communication have evolved. After the resurrection, people were using scribes and scrolls to write out the stories. You better believe that the disciples utilized this technology because of one reason – they had a story to tell. The empty tomb compelled them to a point that they must write. They had to tell others.

The same should be for us.

In fact, we should be the ones finding ways to use technology in the most excellent ways for the Kingdom.

We should be filling our newsfeeds with scripture and powerful stories of good. We should be lifting other men and women up with public praise. We should never not be honest about our struggles, but rather share them while giving our only reason for hope.

Social media is not the enemy, it is simply the new way of communication. Like anything it should be done in moderation. And there might be periods of time we are called from it. But when we do use it, may we use it for gospel-purposes.

And this is not self-promotion, this is spreading the gospel. Be aware and be free.


I have absolutely no idea where you feel called right now, but I can tell you that where you are feeling called, is where you are to step fully into your adventure.

Maybe you are feeling called to be more present in your home.

Maybe you are feeling called to start a new ministry and it will require a very public front.

Maybe you are feeling called to tell your pastor you can serve in a certain area.

Maybe you are feeling called to end something.

Maybe you are feeling called to be more quiet on an issue.

Maybe you are feeling called to pour yourself into your marriage differently.

Maybe you are feeling called to start a conversation with a co-worker about Jesus.

I don’t have a clue, but I do know that Jesus never wondered whether or not he should “step into a place,” He did simply one thing: He talked about God all the time in His space. He wasn’t selling a product, He was communicating His passion.

And Jesus wasn’t afraid of self-promotion; He was spreading the gospel. He was aware and He was free.

Dear sister, Jesus is not a product to be sold. We need your voice and your talents in your home, your church, your neighborhood and your city. You aren’t selling a product, you are giving away Jesus. Spread the gospel. Stop confusing humility and calling and be set free. We need you.