I’m a beach girl through and through. In just a few short days, my family is headed to Coronado, California and nothing speaks more freedom to this midwestern’s soul. The beach is my sanctuary, a self-declared make-up free zone and a banner that screams freedom. In essence, the beach is solid ground for me. Sure footing. I know what to expect when I go there and I anxiously await setting my feet in the sand and feeling it – experiencing it – letting that feeling soak into my bones.

I am going to say that many of us are searching desperately for some solid ground these days. What is going to hold us up in these uncertain times? Who is going to cup their hands around each step we take?

Because we keep taking steps.

Left, right, left, right.

But as I picture us, an army of women, I almost see us walking slower, more uncertain. Where do we step, what do we say, how do we say it? What do I tell my children? Who can I trust? So instead of walking alive and fresh-faced into our lives, we are looking side-to-side wondering what will tomorrow hold.

(Can I get an amen? Or am I the only one?)

We are looking for solid ground. We are aching for an experience. We are seeking fullness, wholeness in a broken nation.

Dear friend, we can have it. It is actually ours for the taking. But it is going to take some grit and hard work. But grace, you ask. Yes, of course grace. But grace never discounted hard work. Ask Paul or Peter or Mary or Moses or Abraham or Rahab or … you get it. GRACE NEVER DISCOUNTS GOOD OLD FASHIONED HARD WORK.

*** And let me note because I know I will hear it: I’m not talking about works getting us into heaven, my dears. No need to get our panties up in wad. I am talking about doing hard things. We can have both.

solid ground

{Photo credit: Unsplash | Josefa Holland-Merten}

solid ground

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I was just at Lifeway headquarters last week and they shared with us the one discipline that will change all of our other experiences with Jesus. And it’s spending time in His Word. When we do this, when we get our solid footing here, we experience anchors in other places of our lives.





Grace-filled speech.


Less worriers.

Beautiful warriors.

In essence, we begin to look like women that look different. Assured. At rest. Peaceful. Grace-filled.


But humans, sweet humans, we come full of excuses. I am queen of them. I am too busy. I don’t have time. When I do read, I don’t understand. If you’ve thought of an excuse and said it out loud then I have probably, too.

I can still make excuses, but I have learned that the power of being in His Word is simply THE BIGGEST LIFE-CHANGER EVER. So, I made several changes in my life that I want to share with you over these next few weeks as to how I started to find my solid ground. I want to give you practical tips Because HELLO we are mothers and daughters and wives. We are cleaning floors, we are wiping noses, we are doing homework. We are making meals, we are folding laundry, we are running businesses. We are shopping for Christmas, practicing self-control at Target and staying fit for our own sanity.


So my number one practical is something you’ve heard. I guarantee it. But this changed my life and my excuses started to melt away.

solid ground

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I told you that you’ve heard it. It’s not a new point. So how can I make this practical for you? Because I love you, I’m going to try.

For me I spend time with the Lord from 5 am – 6 am. I didn’t start out that long and I am going to tell you why that time in a later post, but for my family, that’s the time slot that works. And please know that for years, I tried to combat my excuses. I told myself I would work harder, I would wake up earlier, I would be more disciplined. That never worked for me. But this is what did:

The Creator of the Universe wants to meet with you.

When I hear my alarm go off (because I believe in alarms), I whisper to myself, “The Creator of the Universe wants to have an intimate conversation with just you and Him.”

That does it. That sentence does something in my soul. It makes me feel special (and you are special), and loved (you are so loved) and like He has something for me (and He does). So I let my feet find solid footing, I make a cup of coffee, I grab a blanket and then go sit and

meet with my Creator.

I experience Him, I talk out loud to Him, I let quiet become a welcome sound. And just like water washes over my toes on the sand, I experience Him over and over again.

Darling friends, His Word will be our only solid ground. It is our most sure way of experiencing God. The Creator of the Universe wants to meet with you. Step forward in assurance and make time to meet with your God.

Now tell me, when do you meet with God? What practical tips do you have?